Saturday, 30 August 2014

Celebrating my mirror’s reflection

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I sang sonnets for you, said I croaked,
Tried changing my walk to suit your taste,
Said I looked ridiculous,
Even changed my hairstyle all for you,
Smiled right at my mirror, a rehearsal for you,
My efforts you never noticed.

Was it my dark skin that bothered you?
Tried removing a little tint,
With all beauty bleachy concoctions,
New look never hurt. For you, why not?
Stranger stared back at my mirror,
‘Sidika is off your league’, you mocked,
I never relished it yet for you I did it.

Maybe add some inches on the right places,
You turned to stare at every bum in a skirt,
My morsel increased, to steer your gaze my way,
Said I’m slowly turning obese,
Yet my mirror told me I was just fine,
So hit the gym I did, till I was scrawny,
Still you remained as steel.

I know better now not to break my back,
Not to lose sleep pleasing you,
I sing sonnets and birds dance, boy am I good,
I dance to my tunes too, that’s all that counts,
I wear my hair long or short to suit me,
Celebrating the girl looking back at my mirror,
For she is happy and drop dead gorgeous.
Juliet H. Amor

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