Thursday, 11 September 2014


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I look at the news and oh!
It feels overwhelming lately,
Cost of living rises daily,
Cost of labor not keeping pace

Seems this culture of rushing and running,
Has gained new momentum,
Everyone’s in a hurry,
Hurrying to where? I wonder
Or are they running from something
Perhaps, perhaps that might be true.

Excuse me, where is everyone going?
What’s the cause of the hurry? I ask,
Polite lass stops to give an answer,
Eyes still gazing on the road ahead,
It s chasing us run! Or else,
T’ll catch up with you.

What seems to be this problem’s answer?
Build capacity to live above,
Above storms that try to swallow
The weak will be swallowed
The world’s a tough place
No place for the weak.

Awake to the tough reality,
Life is a race against time,
Arise and race on,
Add value, work harder, and keep dreaming,
But not for long, take action,
Before it catches up and traps you.

Juliet H. Amor

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Loving you: My crime

Sunshine, why spoil a love so flawless?
It’s not been a walk in the park for you,
I know you’ve had it rough before,
They’ve despised and demeaned you,
All that is now past tense, enjoy what is,
Now tables turned and love came calling,
Why fight when all I’ve done is love you?

Dearheart tell me what you want,
Tried pleasant titles you term ‘sweet nothings’,
They were but a mockery of your intellect,
My only crime of this I stand accused,
Not having a side dish like ex-Stephen,
Neither assaulting you like ex-Kelvin,
Nor raping you like monstrous ex-Samson,
But distressing you with love.

My heart throb, why punish me?
I’ve sang your beauty till my voice got hoarse,
My sonnets hit your ears as mockery,
‘All men are dogs, old tricks new strategy’,
This dog really adores you, careful don’t lose him,
Fighting shadows of ex-Stephen, Kelvin and Samson,
Shadows no longer here to hit back.

Sweetness, thought I had a wife,
He finds a good thing, who finds a wife,
Reality struck, I now have a knife,
Sharp in readiness for a shadow fight,
Babes we can’t go on with this life,
In pain and tears I have to leave,
Else you’ll keep up the shadow battle,
And dead shadows leave you dead.
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Juliet H. Amor.